Key Information

Updated as at 25 Mar 2020

ISIN: GB00B15FS791
Exchange: Main Market, London Stock Exchange
(listed on the standard segment of the official list)
Par: 0.01p
Inst Type: ORD
Symbol: MNRG
MiFID Status: MTF
Issued Shares: 359,742,767
Sector: Financial Services

Directors' Shareholdings:

224,898,231 Ordinary shares are held in public hands representing 74.92% of issued share capital.

Name Number of Ordinary Shares  % of Issued Share Capital
Christopher Latilla-Campbell (Chairman)(*) 39,373,775 13.12%
Rolf Gerritsen (CEO) 9,150,000 3.05%
Christian Schaffalitzky (NED) 7,933,333 2.64%
Pierpaolo Rocco 5,555,555 1.54%
Total director holdings 62,012,663 17.24%

(*) Christopher Latilla-Campbell’s interests includes 24,750,000 shares held by Buchanan Trading Inc, in whose shares he is deemed to be interested, as he is a potential beneficiary of a discretionary trust which controls it.


Outstanding Director Options:

Expiring 30 April 2021:  Number of Ordinary Shares  Exercise Price
Rolf Gerritsen (CEO)   5,000,000 3p per share

A further 4,500,000 options excercisable at 0.75p, granted to a former director are outstanding.

Outstanding Warrants:

  Number of Ordinary Shares  Exercise Price
Expiring 8 June 2020: 15,750,000 3p per share
Expiring 8 June 2020: 9,700,000 2p per share
Expiring 30 March 2021: 2,500,000 3p per share
Expiring 23 July 2021: 94,333,326 0.6p per share

Pursuant to his equity investment in the Company as announced on 23 February 2018, on completion of his investment Rolf Gerritsen will be issued with 2,500,000 warrants.  The warrants will have a term of 36 months from the date of grant and will be exercisable at 3p per share.

Effect of options and warrants exercise:

Should all the outstanding options and warrants outlined above be exercised the Company will receive additional funds of £1,491,250 and the fully diluted Ordinary Shares in issue will total 431,985,632 Ordinary Shares.

Share Price